Moose Lodge #1429

L.O.O.M. Meeting
1st & 3rd Tuesdays
VFW Post 10167
4619 Bartelt Road
Holiday, Florida

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BOX 3548
HOLIDAY, FL 34692-0548

To All Our Loyal Moose Brothers:

There comes a time in every organization when change is inevitable.  Well, we are at that point; change is upon us.  As most of you are aware by now, our old location on Abacus Road has closed.  This is not a bad thing.  With change comes new beginnings and that is where we are at.

Your new Board of Officers is diligently looking for new quarters to house our Lodge, but we need to know your interest. Are you with us to save our Lodge?

In the past, many mistakes have been made but not intentionally.  The former officers could only do so much, and believe us they tried.  But today starts a new beginning with new officers coming from many walks of life, and quite a few of them have a background of running or owning their own small business. We bring this up because, after all, the Moose Lodge is a small business. 

As for you, we ask for your respect and trust in us to bring our Lodge back to its glory days. But in order for us to meet this task, we need to fund this cause.

So today we are starting the Save the Moose Lodge #1429 campaign. We ask that all members donate a minimum of $20.00 to the campaign. If all members were to donate this amount, we would be well on our way to opening a new Lodge and get thing rolling. Please know our books will always be open for any memberís evaluation and comments; after all, we truly want your input.

If you are interested in helping to keep our Moose Lodge Charter open, please send your donations to the post office box above. (Please note this is the same PO Box we have had for years)

Thanking you in advance, we look forward to serving you,

The Board of Officers



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